Comment on MoneyWell

I've tried nearly every finance managing app available for Mac... and finally found out that MoneyWell was the best for my personal use.

The great thing about MoneyWell is the way it allows you to manage your budget : it uses the envelope method, so you put money in different "buckets"/envelopes and use it until the bucket is empty... you're not checking the way you spent your money after spending it (like in most apps). It allows you to really control your spendings, not just analyse them through reports and stats.

The UI is great. Yeah, there're still a few features missing, but the developper is one of the most reactives : 2 updates this week, answers to every question... The 1.3 is on the way, with scheduled transactions for example. The last updates corrected a lot of things, and I think things like handling non-US date formats (when importing QIF at least) and QIF import in general [cf. sentience post] are now fixed.
Besides, I like the fact that it doesn't have a handful of features useless to most of all or that a specific app would handle better. I don't like for example mixing budget management with stocks management.