Comment on KeyRemap4MacBook

The newest version (3.1.0) adds some additional capabilities for those using a PC-style keyboard (e.g. with a Mac Mini):

Use Keypad as Arrow - enables the numeric keypad keys as if NumLock was off on a PC, so that the arrows and other directional keys work the same as their non-numeric-keypad counterparts. I LOVE this feature!

Use PC Style Home/End (pressing Home or End behaves as PC users expect, as Command + Home/End usually works on a Mac). This is also very helpful for those of us more familiar with PC keyboards.

Application key to F11 (I'm not entirely sure what this does, but it's also included in the section "For PC user" so I checked it, and haven't noticed any negative side effects).

By the way, this program works with both Mac-native programs and with other programs such as Firefox, something that cannot be said of all keyboard hacks.