Comment on KeyRemap4MacBook

texasfreak, is it possible you had some other sort of keyboard modification program (such as DoubleCommand) installed? This program has worked flawlessly for me BUT the author tells you that you must uninstall DoubleCommand or other similar keyboard hacks first. Which makes sense - you really don't want two different keyboard hack programs trying to modify the keyboard in possibly conflicting ways. I love this program because it finally lets me use the directional keys on my numeric keyboard, which is the one thing I sorely missed when moving from a PC. I'm sorry to hear you had problems with it.

By the way, in my earlier comment I said I wasn't sure what "Application key to F11" did, well now I realize the Application Key is the rarely-used key between the right Windows/Option key and the right Ctrl key on a standard PC keyboard - on a PC it's typically used for opening application menus. With the proper box checked you can make this key (unused on a Mac) duplicate the action of F11, which is an instant shortcut to the desktop. I'd personally find it more useful to have it emulate F9, but it's not a big deal because it's easy enough to just press F9 in the first place, and I never used that key on a PC anyway!