Comment on SOHO Notes


I've been using SOHO Notes since it was StickyBrain and being given away free via .Mac. There are lots of things to like.

I especially appreciate being able to save web receipts with a simple keyboard shortcut - never having to go near the app at all. But therein lies the trap! What I've found is that I almost never go near this app. In other words, it's a glorified digital coffin: what goes in rarely comes out. I actually go INTO the app to retrieve or consult things I've clipped perhaps once every two months. And I almost never create my own notes in it, only clippings. Crazy! But that's the truth. It's become a simple repository. Which is one reason I haven't bothered with the most recent upgrade.

The other way I use it is as a backup/syncing location for Memos on my Palm (rather than using Palm Desktop). But again, I create/read/refer to the notes on my Palm and almost never in SOHO Notes, which is just a backup - although once, when I wanted to do some mass editing on a whole set of memos, it was very convenient to do it in SOHO Notes.

It can, as pointed out elsewhere, be a bit slow. Especially since it backs up the database every time you open the app. This may be another reason why it isn't as integrated into my workflow as perhaps it could be.

As I get behind on updates I'm seriously thinking about alternatives. For example, Yep tags and manages my pdfs very nicely, so I no longer need SOHO Notes for that; ReceiptWallet handles web and other receipts very well (and has some nice specialised touches); and there are alternatives for simple backup and syncing of Palm notes, including one that comes with Missing Sync, which I use. And I know there are other clipping/note collecting tools that are worth trying. I've also been exploring Google Notes, which has the advantage of giving me access to my notes at work and home. So SOHO Notes could be on the way out for me. We'll see.

PS. gdnss - thanks for the warning. I've yet to upgrade to Leopard - the so-called benefits aren't sufficiently compelling so I figure I'll wait till the bugs are ironed out and more apps have caught up. But it's good to know in advance that I'll definitely need to do a SOHO Notes upgrade as well (or that migration...)