Comment on SOHO Notes

An update. I upgraded to Leopard having forgotten about the good advice I read here! As a result I was obliged to fork out for the upgrade to SOHO Notes 7 in order to retain access to all my old notes.

And I'm glad to say there are some improvements. You now have the option of backing up on quit instead of start up, which makes a big difference.

Unfortunately (and this may be to do with my upgrade to Firefox 3 around the same time) SOHO Notes no longer captures the web page title when clipping from the web in Firefox. Every note clipped from the web comes out "firefox-bin (Grabbed)", which isn't very meaningful. Chronos tells me this is because Firefox doesn't use the same standard as, say, Safari, and so SOHO Notes can't capture the title. That seems odd, since version 5 (with Firefox 2 under Tiger) managed to do this fine!

Another downer: it no longer handles synchronisation of notes on my Palm. (I've turned to the elegant Notes app that comes with Missing Sync to do this now.)

Overall, still a beautiful digital coffin. But I'd also be the first to admit that I definitely don't exploit its potential or make use of all its features.