Comment on Colloquy

I use Colloquy every day and by and large I'm happy with it - the core interface is clean and intuitive, it gets the Cocoa feel right, and eschews a lot of the unnecessary features that get in the way with other IRC clients. But there hasn't been a single update in the 5 months I've been using it despite frequent and irritating known bugs: such as the crashers other users have mentioned and a particularly annoying one that makes channel windows appear to be completely empty until you type "/reload style" or rejoin the channel.

Besides the bugs, many parts of the app are still undercooked. The default style has a distracting fixed background image, and removing it is complicated by bugs in the style modification window (not to mention that removing it seems to trigger the aforementioned empty-window bug). The transfers window gives little control over transfers - if a transfer hangs (which happens a lot due to the pickiness of DCC), it's difficult to cancel it and it can interfere with retransfer attempts. Selecting and copying text from IRC into other applications is fiddly: Colloquy will often ignore or screw up selection attempts unless you have careful aim, and it will paste usernames as Colloquy-only links broken across several lines unless pains are taken to paste without formatting. The peripheral parts of the interface are a bit of a ghetto - the buddy list appears to have no way to remove buddies (or indeed much use at all), the connection window is obscure to find and use when you need it, the menus have options for controlling the drawer even though the drawer interface mode is disabled by default. And so on.

All of these are nitpicks, but they're things that irritate me daily. I want to continue using Colloquy and have donated, but if there's no sign of active development I will eventually move to Linkinus or another maintained client - despite the core experience being less elegant.