Comment on Quiz Press

Program Highlights:

  • Multiple Choice questions
    o Unlimited number of multiple choice options
    o Options can be randomly or explicitly ordered
    o Ability to add explanations or feedback to each option
  • Fill in the blank questions
  • Short Answer questions
  • True or False questions (with explanations)
  • Cloze questions
  • Essay questions (hand graded)
  • Titles (not graded)
  • Choose whether questions are computer or hand graded on a per question basis
  • Generate interactive web quizzes which you can post online (encrypted with 64 bit encryption)
  • Generate printed quizzes
  • Import from Blackboardâ„¢ & iQuizâ„¢
  • Export to Blackboardâ„¢, GIFTâ„¢ & iQuizâ„¢
  • Full editing support (change size, styles, and fonts)
  • Supports adding images to questions: (image formats supported: JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF**, PICT*, BMP*, Photoshop*, Targa*, TIFF*)
  • Supports adding MP3 Sounds and Music to questions
  • Supports adding FLV Movies to questions
  • Supports adding SWF Interactive Media to questions
  • Multi-lingual spell checking***
  • Unlimited undo
  • Automatic scoring of the online quiz
  • Show the results to the student or hide them
  • Scored results can be reported using encrypted email or by printer

1) * Use of this format requires installation of Quicktimeâ„¢
2) ** Mac OS X Only
3) *** Multi-lingual spell checking requires Mac OS X 10.2.4 or higher. Other systems (e.g. Windows) use the 170,000 word English spell-checker.