Comment on Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac

why should anybody use a software written in a language non-compatible with Cocoa, bloated with garbage, with 80% unnecessary for Apple OS ???
Why even to bother to have it on a Mac, and contradict to concept of Apple and Macintosh ?
Those who moved to Mac from windowz, why do you still stick with the garbage written for windowz ?
Do you forget that every piece of windowz software is written with one goal in mind - to make your computer run slow, to infest with crap to attract viruses,...?
80% of MS Office is not used by 80% of windowz users.
That's why Pages is designed with usability in mind, it's elegant and light.
The same with KeyNote and Numbers.
Even Bean is more usable than MS Word.
80% of most people need to do, can be done in iWork.