Comment on IntelliJ IDEA

I'm interested in a little follow-up on the posts here. I've been a professional Java developer for a number of years now and have bounced back and forth between Idea, Netbeans and recently MyEclipse. Most of that time, I've been able to develop in Linux and haven't used a mac since the early 90s.

But, I'm starting my own company and want to give my developers MacBook Pros as I'm convinced that OSX is the best developer environment out there only if I can run Idea because of what I believe are its clear advantages (on average) over other similar IDEs.

So, the question is this: Does the negative feedback (sentience & primitiveworker) arise from poor run-time performance on OSX or simply to non-conformance to common Mac UI idioms? I realize it takes many of its UI L&F cues from windows.