Comment on Deep Notes

Simple but could uses better/more preferences.

Love using Deep Notes, but its easy to forget that this software does NOTHING you don't tell it two. There's no auto-save when closing a fine. Not even a prompt. If you've been randomly jotting notes for several hours and then forget to do a save before quitting you'll lose everything. Sounds obvious, but with so many other day-to-day programs that DO save or warn before quitting, its easy to forget. (Ask me how I know...)

Another no-brainer preference would be the option to open to the last file used when launching. I'm probably not unique that I might be working on a single, large outline doc for days or weeks. Be nice to have it open to that doc upon launch if desired, rather than going straight to a new, blank document.

Interface and key commands are just what they should be: simple and direct. Just a little attention to the user preferences would make it perfect.