Comment on Pixel Image Editor

Just a warning to everybody who thinks about buying this app:
It's not that Pixel is bad. The development is just incredibly slow. Pixel is "1.0 Beta" since years. Eg lists 2005-09-23 as release date for Beta 5. Beta 6 was released on 2006-04-09.

Pixel32 (the previous name of Pixel) had the 0.99 release when I was still a teenager and now I'm in the mid-twenties! (Really! No kidding!)

If you buy Pixel, you get a very minor update roughly once a year with no guarantee that your platform will be supported any longer (the last MacPPC build is Beta 6; Beta 7 is Intel-only).

Consider Photoshop Elements, GIMP (X11), or the upcoming Krita 2.0 instead.