Comment on Mathusalem

This seems to be the start of a great program. I've been looking for a program that does just this. A light, simple program that can run seamlessly within the OS and use S3 as a compliment, not replacement, to Time Machine.

Mathusalem makes it easy to make multiple work flows for different local directories to backup volumes. For example, you can configure this program to backup your photos to your S3 account, an SFTP and then an external drive all within one interface.

It's also easy to restore to a previous backup, although the interface for doing so is not as sexy as Time Machine, by design I'm sure.

There are a few quirks to the program still and it seems its under active development.

Not quite sure why the App phones home when you launch it, made me a little weary to add my S3 codes but after further tests it seemed that it was probably just some sort of an update checker that couldn't be disabled.

It would be nice to see the transmit speeds/eta when sending your backup.

Overall verdict: recommended, and once they iron a few things out in their issue queue, this will be a "must-have".