Comment on Safari AdBlock

For the folks wondering about whitelists, as of 3.2 (perhaps earlier) Safari Adblock does support whitelisting sites for which you do not want ads blocked. You can add whitelists in two ways:
1) Add a subscription to the URL location of your Adblock Plus format whitelist (i.e. "@@|<WHITELIST URL>"
2) Add individual rules on the "Custom Filters" tab of the Safari Adblock preference pane (part of your Safari Preferences)

I use #2 exclusively as there are only a few sites for which I want to disable adblocking. Adding a custom rule is done through a form which allows you to choose whether to block or unblock particular sites or elements. My custom filters consist entirely of sites that I want unblocked based on the beginning of URL ( for example), but yours could be more complicated and even include regular expressions.

Enter rules carefully! The default protocol for entering a rule is https: rather than http:, so you may have to change that via a dropdown menu. Also note whether the site you want unblocked starts with a www or not, for example Hulu URLs generally start with the www prefix. Advanced users could enter a regular express for a website that includes both the www-prefixed address and the address (more simple-minded folk like myself can add the two sites separately).