Comment on Awaken

I really like your application and like to know:
1) there'll be a localizated version, in Italian ? When ?

2) i just want to setup an alarm to wake up my mac, no sound, no task, nothing ... only wake up, seems a missing function, isn't it ?
after wake up i'd like to leave mac turn on for example 30 minutes and then let awaken puts my mac to sleep again, how to do ?

3) i just want Awaken to wake up my mac and not show Awaken (it should be run only in background), is it possible ?

4) when add a musical alarm (itunes song) i'd like Awaken simply sing it without execute itunes on the screen, or at least i need a functionality to exit from itunes when alarm is finished, is it possible ?

5) one more, i want to play a alarm (itunes song) for 1 minute and then after 30 minutes make my mac to sleep, seems impossible to setup.

I've setup in preferences of my mac to sleep after 30 minutes but seems that Awaken interfere with it, how to solve that? Any chance, as said for Awaken to overwrite system preferences and sleep mac after xxx time after alarm ?

6) when the new version will be avaible ? i've read in september, when ?

thanks and sorry for this email questions attack :)