Comment on Nisus Writer Express

I'm a writer.

Tried MS Word, but in Word: wys isn't wyg, and text zoom is ugly and broken. And, incredibly, in Word, the wordcount, pagecount, etc., are just, like inaccurate. Amazing. These are, like, core features for a WORD PROCESSOR. Jeez, guys, who are you people, and how much longer are you gonna be in charge?

Tried Apple's Pages, but when you switch docs from one computer to another you can lose italics / bolds based on subtle, invisible distinctions in font versions. Now, I don't care much is you want to substitute fonts on me, but you better preserve my italics and bolds. And Pages is just annoying when I want to focus on WRITING. Sometimes, you don't care about margins and page breaks. And in those times, Pages will drive you nuts. You know what else? For straight-up word processing it's just freakin' SLOW. Come on, Apple. I expect better, 'cuz you guys are like, cool. Usually.

Enter Nisus Writer Express: its native format is rtf. It is really, wicked customizable. And it has all the features a WRITER needs. And a lot of that layout mumbojumbo too for the rest o' you fools. Beautiful cocoa interface. Full screen mode. Customizable key shortcuts to everything. Smooth sailing and speedy everything.

I'm telling you, I seriously just PAID for this program. Like, forked over my credit card to those Nisus dudes. It's cheaper than MS Word and does 90% of what MS Word does. Believe me, the other 10% is hookeypah no one needs.

Nisus Writer Express is the bomb. Nice, nice work, guys.