Comment on DTerm

Is now free, which is exciting.

I do wish it was a bit more powerful - for instance, it'd be nice if it could pull the URL from the current Safari window when invoked, for easy curling. Or if it worked with my active Forklift directory. These are the sort of things I expected to work with the additional Accessibility options enabled… But all that gets you is the directory of the current file in other applications… Also useful, but I wish it would be more… 

And maybe it will be! Decimus' website says that even though they've made version 1.x free, there is more in store for a future version.

Concluding thoughts - the textbox gets wonky when you change the font (I'm using Pragmata and the text is shifted down), hope that gets fixed. Not everyone wants to watch a freaking screencast… By the time I watch, I could've just downloaded and tried it - screenshots are still helpful, guys. Also, they say auto-completion only works w/ bash, but I use fish and it works for me… Hooray!