Comment on Leap

Leap 2 is a one-of-a-kind piece of software, featuring a wonderful visual way to navigate your file and folder structures. If you have a problem finding files regularly, I'd highly recommend it. However, I've been testing the Leap 2 demo for a few days now and can't shake the feeling that it wouldn't be worth the cost to purchase for my workflow.

I use Evernote a ton, which has it's own tagging structure and allows file attachments and will sync to multiple machines and the web which I've found very useful. Leap is focused on indexing one machine, and if you heavily rely on a network drive you're out of luck since Spotlight (unless you have OS X Server) will not properly index it (and Leap uses spotlight for its searches). Leap will search it, but it's painfully slow since it's building the index on the fly every time. For the amount that I would use it, I'd gladly pay $20, but $60 is simply too much for something I've been using once or twice a day. Definitely give it a try first.