Comment on Path Finder

Pathfinder is nice and highly customizable but I couldn't see it replacing the finder for me for a couple of reasons:
1. It does very little to change the hierarchical browsing mentality of the Finder, which is my main frustration with the Finder.
2. As I look for more simplicity in my browsing/finding experience, Pathfinder has so many features, buttons, toggles, drawers, etc. that I'm less motivated to spend the time customizing it.
3. It brings various functions that are already on the Mac into one place. Using it made me realize that I didn't feel a need for them to be in one place and prefer lightweight individual tools that do what they say they will and not much else.
4. The feature I used the most (the Drop Stack & recent files) is available in other programs for less.

That said, if you appreciate the ability to highly customize a Finder-like experience and want a one-stop shop, I'd recommend this app. It's just not for me.