Comment on TrailRunner

TrailRunner 2.1 is still beta and uses a new diary model. If you go back to TrailRunner 2.0 after you have migrated your diary it will be empty.
But this is a) documented in the release notes and b) no problem as I keep your old diary save in an Archive folder. Read more here:
The donation for TrailRunner is 25 Euro. No other value. As I develop this application in my spare-time, this is the model I am forced to use as I can't give professional grade guarantees on deadlines and quality.
TrailRunner is one of the first outdoor oriented apps for Mac OS X. And the application is public since 2005. And I do not intend to stop the project anytime soon as the user base is such a wonderful community that keeps me motivated to improve and evolve. And while I write this, thanks to everyone using the app since day one or even day 1505!
- berbie.