Comment on Acorn

I am disappointed that the developer decided that it will charge recent customers (anyone who bought before July 2nd 2009) in order to upgrade to the latest version. I would have liked to see the developer give new users (those like me who bought the app over the past months) the chance to upgrade for free, and enjoy AT LEAST 6 months to a year-ran of up-to-date product. The current version does not support 64 bit (snow leopard) and has a long list of bugs that are addressed in the new 2.0 version. An upgrade policy like this suggests to me that the developer would rather ship more product than take care of its newest customers. Most of the apps I bought in the past months provided the 64 bit support upgrade for free to recent customers.

"Acorn 2.0 is available; Please read: Acorn 2 is a paid upgrade. However, if you purchased it on or after July 2, 2009- you get a free upgrade."