Comment on DiskCatalogMaker

Until Mac OS 9, I used FindIt to keep track of the files on 'loose disks'. It came as a freebee with iOmega drives. It was simple and fast, but it didn't work on OS X. So around the year 2000, I tried several disk cataloging apps to find something simular.

Most of them sucked, but DiskCatalogMaker was much like FindIt, and it has only gotten better and more versatile. It has a Finder-like interface, so you can drag-and-drop like you're used to, very intuitive. You can add a ton of disks quickly, use different catalog files if you want to and it's available in several languages.

It has Spotlight support, so you can search all your disks via OS X's Spotlight and it stores and shows OS X's QuickLook previews so you can even see those without placing the disk a file is on.