Comment on Ulysses

I'm a Scrivener user who recently flirted with switching to Ulysses 2. As tylergred says, it is a well designed application that is about as distraction-free as a useful, powerful writing application can get. Although I found Ulysses's approach intellectually satisfying (minimalist, like the software equivalent of a Lamy 2000 fountain pen), I found also that I missed Scrivener's handling of footnotes and its clever Edit Scrivenings feature that have become familiar through daily use. That says more about my prior experience and comfort with Scrivener than it does about Ulysses. Indeed, if Scrivener disappeared tomorrow, I'd mourn the loss, plunk down Ulysses's license fee, and keep on writing. Anyone looking for a real writing application should give Ulysses a serious look. After trying Ulysses, you'd really have to hate yourself to go back to writing in a traditional word processor.