Comment on Chromium

New builds are created everyday so this comment might become old.

-STABILITY: It divides the processes so in case one page/tab crashes, the other windows continue to work normally.
-SPEED: Safari is the fastest browser, specially in javascript-intensive websites. I have a fast macbook with a good connection so I can't notice difference between Safari/Chromium rendering pages.
-INTERFACE: A good minimalistic design. People want to see webpages not the browser, specially when you have small screens (specially in netbooks).

Some mentions:
-When you type a few letters in address bar, chromium (automatically) fills the rest. In other browsers (not Safari) you have to press DOWN to choose the URL.
-Statusbar shows only when mouse hover (more visible area).
-Resizable comments area like Safari.
-Nice Download manager. I hate Safari download window.

For now the browser looks promising and I MIGHT use it as my primary browser.