Comment on pollux


"Over the last couple of days, Pollux has gotten an unanticipated high volume of traffic and downloads. We’re very happy for the huge interest and success our app has received, but for the very same reason, the third-party services Pollux uses such as MusicDNS and Lyricwiki are no longer able to support Pollux for free. Thus, our current version (1.1.9) is broken.

"As we are just two college students not looking for any profit, we are unable to pay for the services Pollux depends on even with the very generous donations we have received. We’re looking to resolve this issue and continue to bring you Pollux at the lowest cost we can manage. We apologize for Pollux not working until we can sort out this matter, and we thank you for your interest and patience.

Chetan and Shashwat"