Comment on Witch

Witch offers a few advantages over OS X’ inbuilt window / app switch mechanisms: it shows all apps’ windows (unlike the Cmd-Tab switcher, which shows only apps) on all Spaces (unlike Exposé), even if they are hidden (Exposé doesn’t) or minimized (Exposé only does so on SL) or if the app is windowless (Cmd-Tab will activate these, but only the Dock actually invokes a window in most cases).

The visual style needs a bit of configuration to be usable (it defaults to too much transparency for a text laden window), and could profit from some redesign (one large app icon followed by a window text listing would make more sense to me than the current layout), but even so, Witch advantageously replaces both Cmd-Tab and the Dock for running app / window management on my system. Note I still rely on Exposé for a quick switch between open windows in the current Space, as Witch’s windows is simply too cluttered and abstract for that.

Recommended for Dock haters and keyboard jockeys.