Comment on LittleSnapper

Littlesnapper is awesome! It's slick and fun to use. I actually put it to use in many ways.

1. It's great at taking full-page web snapshots for tracking client designs and design ideas for web pages.
2. Using it's simple editing tools I like to use it for taking screenshots of windows and menus and labelling elements for use in documentation, user guides, etc
3. The image library is like iPhoto for designers. I can keep all my design ideas, inspiration, artwork, etc in LittleSnapper and keep iPhoto for family photos and trips to separate work and life. Perfect for presenting mockups and ideas to clients.

One thing I'd love to see would be a batch snapping feature to snap multiple web pages in one run. For example, to keep up to date snaps of many client sites or bookmarks. I could then batch process those images in Picturesque and publish directly to an online portfolio using Transmit or Coda.

Also, Ember is super-slick and the LS iPhone app rocks!