Comment on ExtendScript Toolkit

I guess it's a code editor and debugger. I'm not really sure about who'd use it, and for what exactly. From their website:

"ExtendScript Toolkit for Adobe CS4 Applications

The ExtendScript Toolkit (ESTK) 3.0 is a development and debugging tool for JavaScript scripts included with Adobe® CS4 Suites and applications such as Bridge, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects. The ESTK has many features that make it easier to use than a text editor, including a built-in syntax checker that identifies where the problems are in your script and tries to explain how to fix them, and the ability to run your scripts right from the ESTK without saving the file.

The ESTK also includes a JavaScript debugger...

ESTK 3.0 has an updated and improved user interface..."