Comment on ForeverSave 2

@ raybones: you should probably try to contact the software authors before "warning" everyone about this app.
I've deactivated the autostart of the program and later uninstalled it (deleted the app and two related files) after I read your comment. And I didn't get the "nag screen"...

@ alex_yorke:
This program is something completely different than time machine. Time machine backups all you files on a hourly scedule.
Foreversave is a VERSIONING tool, that saves the STATE of a file at freely definable intervals. So if I work on e.g. a Photoshop file Foreversave allows me to return to all the different states of the document that have automatically been saved (every minute) since I started working on it.
It may not be what you need, but for me this program is invaluable!