Comment on Candelair


What may give you the impression of your remote not working, but is ENTIRELY unrelated to Candelair:

1) the use of background helpers (f.ex.PlexHelper) to launch an application at a button press. These launchers need to grab exclusive access to your remote to provide their functionality. Side effect: no other application will receive any button presses. Solution: stop using the launcher option

2) you use an application that uses outdated Apple Remote code, all of which were broken by Apple's new driver in 10.6.2.

Solution 1: ask the developer to fix their app, f.ex. by adopting our free HID Remote class ( Wait for the updated version.

Solution 2: Install Candelair and enable Candelair's Leopard Compatibility Mode

3) you accidentally disabled your IR Receiver. Solution: Re-enable it at System Preferences > Security.

No need to reinstall OS X really.

Best regards,
Felix Schwarz