Comment on TunesArt

Just the app I was looking for, the perfect balance between CoverSutra & TuneTEXT, with 64-bit goodness.

It covers small things that were missing from CoverSutra for me. Like being able to choose what info to display with the album art on the desktop, and being able to rate songs from there. The default covers are good, but if there was a way of being able to add custom covers would be nice, makes me think of Bowtie.

I can finally get rid of running both 32-bit apps CoverSutra & TuneTEXT separately. The only things I would request from the developer are as follows.

1. Being able to right click on the cover, and select songs from that particular album, a CoverSutra feature that I miss. As of now, the right click on album art is same as clicking on the menu bar icon, being able to do what I suggested would be fantastic.

2. Polishing up the searching UI when searching would be added bonus, take a cue from CoverSutra.

But all in all, it is fantastic. 5/5 from me.