Comment on iVisualize

'martini' you must not be aware of the program winamp for those 'windows users.' Winamp has been released for mac, but only in an alpha version. With Winamp 5.57 for windows, comes their visualizer MilkDrop2. The way theirs works is authors create presets, basically each preset being a different visualizer. While a user is watching, their Preset's library is being constantly updated. Anybody can make these presets and it can be done right in the visualizer screen (equivalent to a windows itunes screen with Ctrl-F). This does require you to understand a MINIMAL amount of coding, but is mostly math (manipulation of a sign curve).

I have worked a lot with winamp's preset editor and love it. I feel as though the only reason i'm limited in the program is because there is minimal literature on the web about 'how-to.' I feel as though i'd expect a mac program, or plug-in in this case, to not have that problem.

I greatly look froward to getting on a mac and trying out ivisualise.