Comment on Folx

Just tested Folx a little bit and I have to say, that it looks quite promissing and controleable but there are 2 things

- I liked the idea of letting my download manager also do my torrents but testing it against Transmission (with the same torrent files) showed that it is significantly slower (in short, middle and long terms). So sadly this is not an option for now.

- This seems to be an all-or-nothing application when it comes to capturing download links. You either activate the plugin and have a hard time just using the browser download manager (for example for all the small files where I don't want to go through the hassle of the import dialogue). Or you don't activate it and have to copy-paste the links to folks (for these big files I wouldn't want to do in the browser). For now I go with the second way but what I would like to see is a "Download With Folx" item in the contextual menue of my browser, so I can choose the links I want to download with Folx more quickly.