Comment on Songbird

Clearly not an iTunes replacement in my case:

- Slower and more RAM-intensive, as many cross-platform with insufficient Mac development. Also, some weird window behaviour, as noted by others.

- Many issues with skins: some panes appear blank, excessive pane clutter… Not a single skin gets near the iTunes zen (e.g. artwork next to song titles).

- Podcasts and iPod support are not yet as polished as needed for daily use. Overall, the application is often inconsistent in terms of add-ons and GUI.

It is nice to have so many add-ons, like lyrics and, although many are unsupported right now. It is also nice to have better file/folder organization.

But iTunes stays superior on everything else, despite the many fancy additions which I have disabled (e.g. 'Genius') or rarely used (e.g. Store).

I am sticking with iTunes and Spotify, although I am open to better versions (please, faster, with a less ugly application icon).