Comment on AllSecure

Much more lightweight - but still nicely designed and very functional - than 1Password, which (as of version 3.0) seems to be on the verge of bloatware, and has also proven to be unstable on my Safari 4.x/Snow Leopard installation.

I like that you do the entries manually, as it keeps annoyances while working low.

Not good?
- Too expensive, by far, IMHO. Should offer a sidegrade for 1P users.
- Should offer more views (list, icon, detail) of passwords.
- Should allow you to launch a site and fill password with a simple command or click. Right now, as far as I can see, it takes two (click on the item to open it, then on the little arrow by the site's web address.)
- Should be able to import keychains and maybe 1P databases.

Still, I'm using it and very pleased.