Comment on Pagico

I'm giving Pagico a test run now, already got OmniFocus and Bento, but Pagico seems like the right tool to get things done while interlinking all related files and information.

One thing I don't understand, why it's not connected to Apple's AddressBook ?
Sure, I can drag a contact into it, but once I change a contact info in AddressBook, it's not updated in Pagico.

Also, linking email messages works in a funny way:
Locate the email message you want to insert in Apple Mail, then drag that message from the message list to your desktop. Apple Mail will create an “EML” file for that message on your desktop. Simply drag that EML file into your Pagico.

Why can't we just select any email in Apple Mail, and drag it into Pagico ?
Better solution would be a keyboard shortcut to do the job, like Things and OmniFocus does.