Comment on MondoMouse


You admit that you haven't downloaded MondoMouse and you don't know how it works, so why bother confusing people by saying that this is something OS X does out of the box? It's not.

MondoMouse let's you move and resize windows by using the keyboard combination of your choice. It's a feature common in many Unix "Window Managers", but you can't move and/or resize windows so easily if you don't do Mondo.

I am NOT in any way affiliated with MondoMouse. I just think it's a great product and hope that others try and register it. You can check my profile and see that I use quite a lot of Mac software, but this is one of the few apps that I really love!

QuickSilver, MondoMouse, iTerm, and KeyClick. My Mac wouldn't be so great to use without them!