Comment on Service Scrubber

Under Snow Leopard, of course, you can also disable individual services under System Preferences>Keyboards, which makes one function of Service Scrubber redundant. BUT under Snow Leopard a lot of the Services which appear in the Apple Menu are not easily identifiable; they simply appear as "Add Entry with Selection" or "Append Selection to Entry" which isn't a lot of use when you have half a dozen different note-taking apps in your Applications folder and can't tell which one is providing the service. At least Services under the Apple Menu gives you a logo to give you a clue, but under Contextual Menus you don't even have that.
But with Service Scrubber you can see what application a service relates to AND RENAME the Service as it appears in Service Menus to include the Application name. For me this is the real value of Service Scrubber and allows Services to actually become useful.