Comment on PTHPasteboard

A good friend of mine turned me on to Pth Pasteboard and I couldn't be happier. At first, the idea of multiple pasteboard's didn't seem helpful to me, but after I started using it, I started realizing how frequently I was typing the same text over and over.

Another invaluable feature of Pth Pasteboard is Pasteboard Persistence - copying to your pasteboard becomes the same as saving! Unfortunately my 17" MBP has never been as stable as my trusty old 12" PowerBook was - every few weeks I'll get a crash, but it's amazing how frequently the data that I was so worried about loosing pops up on the pasteboard on the side of my screen!

Once you've been using Pasteboard for a while, you'll also find the text filters to be quite useful - especially for fixing up junk text that you copied from an email and need to forward on. Note, Pasteboard used to look a bit fugly, but the author recently added Anti-Aliasing - blends into the system quite well.

Give it a shot - I think you'll really enjoy this one!