Comment on movist

I just checked it out, and damn! I am a huge niceplayer fan and other than the fact it doesn't have internalized controls thats borderless is the only negative I can see. If they can do that this thing will be HUGE.
As far as performance don't blink because its fast, it uses a tiny more cpu than vlc 1.0.5 (very impressive), but requires less memory and threads on average (from my what I saw in Activity monitor). Its really responsive it also exposes while still playing the video which i love. The playlist functionality is awesome, it opens all the files in the directory and cue up the next one ( which as simple as it is no one does), as well as the simple hot key layout (like niceplayer), plus the added video options is a plus. Definitley worth a look.

My wish list:
1. Borderless
2. Always on top works very well even keeps it in the background when its not plyaing which is great feature as long as its below QuickSilver.
3. 64bit...
4. Borderless did i mention that?