Comment on Yep

I manage a huge library of PDFs for a business, in the thousands. After extensive searching,Yep v1.8 was the best PDF manager app I have found to date. I tried upgrading to 2.0.3, and within 5 minutes I knew I hated it. Here is what v2 removed from 1.8

- Removed ability to open PDFs within Yep. Why??
- Removed Author field and column. Now I cant sort by author.
- 1.8 put tags in spotlight and description in description, but 2.0 put tags in keywords and description in spotlight.
- Removed ability to write Meta-Data (author tags description) to the PDF itself.
- Oversimplified the menu features.
- The new zoomed loupe is annoying.
- The details bar on the right is much worse.

The only v2 perk is that its much faster in thumbnail view for our large database.

I am very upset that the developer decided to remove or change some of the most important features in v2. Its obvious the developer does not have a large PDF library.

How ironic you are, Ironic Software...