Comment on MindNode Pro

I signed up here just so I could praise this app. I tried just about every mind mapping app for mac and/or windows out there before discovering and settling on MindNode. . . I haven't looked back since (upgraded to MindNode Touch and Pro a year later, well worth the price).

With other mind mappers, I spent 1/2 my time trying to make something beautiful-looking, rather than organizing my thoughts. . . Mind node always gives me colorful, beautiful, elegantly minimal results. . .whether I like it or not. . . and usually before I've even taken my second sip of coffee. . . It's that "blank sketchbook" you've been looking for, trust me.

I find myself wanting do do everything in MindNodePro, and by "everything" I mean todo lists, word processing, musical composition, animation. . . I wish all my apps were designed with the same principles and ideals in mind.