Comment on djay

djay is a very cool application. It lets you do lots with your music. djay is great for parties, hanging out with friends, or just plain fun. djay integrates with iTunes so you have all you iTunes music right at your fingertips. djay lets you scratch and mix your music many different ways. You can use a mouse, keyboard, the MacBook's touchpad, a MIDI device, or the controller made especially for djay called Spin. With djay, you drag the song you want to play from the sidebar and it starts spinning. You can move the needle, scratch the record, and a bunch of other features like looping, cue-points, transitions, and skipping. You can even record your masterpiece. djay is the best way to mix and mash your music. There are tons of features waiting to be discovered. I highly recommend djay. Try it out. You will not be disappointed.