Comment on Permute

5 stars: I have been using Permute for over a month now. Yes, I was part of their private beta, and I have to say that these guys are amazingly in tune with feedback and suggestions from users. Permute started off as a super simple video conversion app that I may or may not use to an app that I use exclusively for all audio and video conversions.

Here's the thing with Permute: It is the perfect app for > 90% of all conversions you are most likely to do unless you are an A/V professional. I am not, so Permute is everything I need and nothing more. It's simple, to the point and is super intuitive.

I have not had a crash, a corrupted file or a freeze, so it is solid, stable and reliable. It's drag and drop at its best with advanced options behind the curtain if you need them. As a long time customer of Fuel Collective (I use Snippet and Swatch as well), I would recommend all their apps, Permute is just another great addition.