Comment on ForkLift

Been a happy user of Transmit for years, really put it through it's paces and it's rarely let me down. The app has become stale in that time however and Forklift has fully taken me now and I only use Transmit for older favourites. Being able to import Transmit favourites would be a plus but I can see why that's not going to happen. Favourites management could be better, I feel like as I add more it will be restrictive but so far the "Finder" like interface is working for me. The app deleter function is nice but I already have appZapper and I'm never going to get sick of that Zap! sound. I just renamed a bunch of files with the batch rename and that was another HUGE tick for me and what inspired me to write this post. In summary, if you're ready to try something other than transmit, give Forklift a try :)