Comment on Quiet Read

@link : You should probably regard it as complementary to services such as Instapaper and Read It Later. It's one of those gimmick apps you either need or, well… don't need as much as you'd expect at a first glance. (Not sure myself.)

There's been a surging trend in status bar-enabled apps lately. Consequently, peoples' status bar real estate is getting shorter and shorter.

Only reason I'd consider Quiet Read, is for its Read It Later and Instapaper support. Seeing how great Read It Later is (myself using its iPhone companion), this app might just come in handy on the rare occasion when I'm researching or studying stuff for a project or something on the web. But most of the time, I ain't... All boils down to need and comfort. The major hurdles for me buying this (the Pro, Instapaper/Read It Later version) is that there's a monetary cost that has to be weighed against the slightly less (yet fairly) convenient bookmarklet features that both Instapaper and Read It Later provides.