Comment on NoteBook

Just bought Circus Ponies Notebook 3.0. I've asked the developer about a number of little issues and had instantaneous response, plus info that some suggestions will be in the next version.
Seems expensive and I hunted for coupons but.. it ISN'T expensive because it is so useful. It covers a broad range of functionality so there are some things that I'd like to see improved but used it for a month and have had no crashes, and it is quite useful. I was using TextEdit (Snow Leopard) and still do but this is far better than hunting for notes and files through the Finder. The Writing page format is like a TextEdit page and useful for notes when having phone calls. I often paste photos, maps and text (rich formatted text), research from Safari and hide it under a collapsable outline bullet. Learning the shortcuts is useful. Excellent for organizing projects you are working on. I'd like to see saving snapshots to another folder as backup since I'm paranoid- Notebook's so important now!