Comment on PaintDS

Tried it.

I didn't like the shifty evaluation dialog that popped up when I first started the app, which asked for my name and email... Why?

Operation was a bit glitchy. Rectangle selection tool didn't work as it should. After selecting an area of an image and then moving it around the image gets squashed and/or disappeared.

Also, when dealing with pixel-based bitmap editors, probably the single most important thing to get right is the cursor precision. PaintDS doesn't totally fail in in this respect, but it's not perfect either.

On the positive side of things: I liked the "bezier"-like tool, where you can draw curved shapes. Also, the symbols tool/facility is a nice idea, but how does it work?

Anyway. Get rid of the initial evaluation dialog and/or at least the obligatory input of peoples names and email addresses. As well, work the kinks out of the glitches and maybe this can become a pretty handsome little application... Good luck!