Comment on Blast

First impressions:

- Too mouse-oriented. Needs shortcut to (1) open Blast, as well as for (2) opening items, and also a shortcut or a way to (3) switch over to the items in the favorites sidebar.

To make the app feel cleaner and more standards-compliant, I suggest getting rid of the "Quit Blast" cross icon and instead tuck it in the "Settings" gear icon, which consequently becomes a standard dropdown-menu, including an item for Preferences.

On a personal note, I'm not perfectly getting what's up with the "blast" branding theme. What's there to blast, anyway?

I'm a current Fresh user, and the competition between these two apps is going to be interesting. My evaluation of Blast definitely left great expectations, as I think I'd prefer its status menu-approach and slightly more unobtrusive, minimalistic layout more than Fresh's in-yo-face ditto.