Comment on PaintDS

daves - as a potential customer (aren't we all?), I have to commend bitnix for making his comments public. It's kind of icky to hear a dev say 'I wish this review wasn't public,' and there's nothing stopping you from 'making this application as good as possible' just because the info is public. Now you've made your case publicly as well, and we're all better off for it, as we can better evaluate the situation before investing further time/effort. You don't like people talking about your product? Don't play the game.

FWIW, I can't remember the last time a program required a name and email before I even used it (unless it was directly tied to an online service) - your response seems thin to me. Regardless of privacy concerns, that's a big user experience problem, giving a user this hurdle to leap to even start to use your app. It doesn't sound big but consider that users prefer to not have to explicitly start a new document, save, etc… It's just annoying.