Comment on Steam

@fronty - I'd love a free copy of Portal, but the servers seem too clogged to let me get it! Been trying since yesterday! Anyhow, that's not the client's fault.

I have to say that conforming to an environment's UI should always trump keeping a cross-platform UI consistent. That's my opinion - case in point, it may be easy for a Windows Steam user to adjust, but if it felt like a native Mac app, a Mac user (the user of the app in question) wouldn't need to adjust, it would be 'intuitive.'

Anyhow, Steam on Mac right now is a pretty miserable experience, and not just because the UI looks like hacked-together cross-platform nonsense (that's part of it, though). There are all of these modal dialogs popping up on top of each other, a web of 'which can I actually dismiss and which will merely make a weird bonk noise at me?' By default, it starts up when the system starts… It's all basically web pages, and when one fails to load, it just goes blank or throws a generic error.